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Mitigate Risk

It’s not always the planes, trains and trucks that are causing problems with your supply chain.

Customs and security regulations can stop your shipment in its tracks and expose your company to hefty fines, penalties and intrusive audits.

Proactive, preventative measures will save your company, time, money and headache so you and your customers can rest easy.Start today by creating your company’s customs database, including part numbers, descriptions, HS codes and other information for which your company is the Importer of Record. As importer of record, you are entirely responsible for customs compliance and must be able to demonstrate reasonable care in this regard, in the event of an audit. 

Other areas of risk mitigation  include: 

  • Incoterm Negotiation
  • Freight and Damage Insurance
  • Invoice Auditing and Analytics
  • Contingency Planning
  • Contract Negotiation

The customs database becomes a working document that promotes complete and accurate shipping information while also mitigating some of the risks around customs fines and penalties.


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