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Between supply and demand of specialized services and freight capacity there is a fair and balanced price. An optimal price for mutual benefit and profitability.

As a logistics company you provide invaluable service and expertise, but market costs are so fluid and volatile, how do you know if your pricing is competitive and that you are getting a fair shot at the business?

It all comes down to the data and an apples to apples cost benefit analysis. With a clear scope of work and all the information you need to assess the opportunity, your value proposition to the customer is clearly defined and you have better control over your profitability.

MyTLA facilitates negotiation by pre-qualifying prospective customers, gathering necessary data and specifications and coaching shippers on fair and balanced negotiations with the logistics providers.

The goal is to nurture a long-standing partnership and to pay a fair price for the specialized value offered by the logistics provider.


Enter the MyTLA virtual logistics market place for a free 30-minute consultation with a MyTLA agent.