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Create a Competitive Advantage

You only have to look at companies like Amazon or Costco to understand the effects of supply chain on your business model.

If you order a book from Amazon and it gets to you the next day, in a clean package and with no unexpected charges, you will likely buy your next book from Amazon instead of driving to your local bookstore.

What is the optimal landed cost and service level for your customers and what would that mean in terms of repeat business?  Does it offset any additional logistics costs?  Would it differentiate you from your competition? 

In theory, any logistics solution can be conceptualized, scoped and costed out, so take time to envision how the delivery of your product from your supplier and to your customer can help differentiate you from your competition. 

The logistics solution you deploy will in large part determine the kind of logistics partner you choose based on a fit of cost, core competency and corporate culture. 

How can your company service your vertical market better than your competition and what does that mean for your bottom line?


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