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Corporate Culture

An alignment of corporate culture between shipper and logistics provider makes everyone’s job a little easier.

Logistics volumes, services and costs can all be quantified and measured, but qualifying for corporate culture is key to a great business relationship. 

Call it a company’s culture, personality or brand. A long-term, successful business ‘partnership’ is based on more than just the numbers.

To find a fit of corporate culture, we can screen companies based on company size, level of innovation and technology, cost-sensitivity, risk tolerance, vertical market or other ‘cultural’ qualifiers. 

Logistics providers understand that a thriving business relationship is best served by a shared sense of fairness, reason and accountability.

In an industry driven by operational process and efficiencies, the weighting of less tangible differentiators that drive interpersonal collaboration and cooperation are often discounted .  MyTLA’s consultative sales model promotes a fit of cost, core competency and corporate culture. 

MyTLA acts as an advisor and liaison so that negotiations and regular business reviews are impactful and collaborative. 


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