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Core Competency

When you work with your perfect customer, no other logistics company can compete with you. What does a perfect customer look like for your company?

As much as the global logistics industry has tried to merge with, acquire and consolidate different companies to become a one-stop-shop for all logistics services, the reality is that the industry remains fragmented even among the acquired divisions within the large international integrators.

At the end of the day, every logistics company is born out of some level of specialization. They began by delivering small boxes or by coordinating air freight or running customs documents across borders  for the automotive industry.

Sure, these companies can expand and offer new services to complement their legacy service, but they really shine when they do what they were born to do; what they’ve been doing longer and better than any other company in the industry. This is their core competency.

MyTLA is continually researching the logistics market and qualifying logistics companies according to their core competencies in order to introduce them to shippers in need of their services. A perfect fit.


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